Insights and Updates from The Port

Lindsey Florea

Lindsey Florea serves as Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development Services for The Port. She leads The Port’s Predevelopment…

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson is an economic and real estate development executive with over two decades of experience in public-sector leadership. She…

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Andrew Garth

Andrew Garth joined The Port in 2022 as Executive Vice President and General Counsel. In this role, he oversees The…

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Rahiel Michael

Rahiel Michael joined The Port in 2022 in the newly-created position of Vice President of Government & Community Affairs. In…

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Jilson Daniels

Jilson is a business and economic development professional with a background in finance and accounting. As the Senior Vice President…

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Philip Denning

Philip Denning serves as Executive Vice President for The Port. He leads the Neighborhood Revitalization team, including housing development across…

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