We make real estate work for jobs, for homes, for communities

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jobs families can live on. homes they can afford. cleaner, greener, safer neighborhoods and business districts

The Port is pioneering new models of real estate equity, developing new solutions - and contributing to the story of our region's renaissance. For new, job-creating advanced manufacturing. For neighborhood-serving business districts. For a range of affordable housing options.

For everyone in our region.

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ODOD Site Demolition & Remediation

Cincinnati has a deep industrial heritage. With that heritage comes a legacy of industrial buildings that have been abandoned or otherwise underutilized for an extended period of time. Learn about the opportunity The Port and our partners have to clean them up through this Port Short.

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Program designed to help narrow the racial wealth gap through homeownership

Launched in January 2022 when The Port acquired 194 single-family homes from an out-of-town investor, the CARE Homes initiative protects local renters from rising costs of rent, unwarranted threats of eviction, and ignored maintenance requests while offering a pathway to homeownership.

Take a Virtual Tour of The Port's Work

Our virtual tours allow an interactive look at The Port's work in neighborhoods throughout Cincinnati, including Bond Hill & Roselawn, Evanston, Walnut Hills, and Price Hill. Start your tour below in Price Hill, or view all of our tours here!

Industrial Revitalization

We make forgotten industrial sites attractive again for advanced manufacturers with high-paying jobs.

Learn more about our efforts to revitalize industrial space

Neighborhood Revitalization

We strengthen Greater Cincinnati communities home by home and block by block to increase access to homeownership. We surround neighborhoods and homeowners with revitalized business districts.

Learn more about our efforts to revitalize neighborhoods in Hamilton County

Public Finance

We provide public financing on projects that bring housing, jobs, and vitality to Greater Cincinnati communities.

Learn more about how our public finance tools are supporting transformational projects

A Brighter Future for Our Region

We believe that real estate should work for everyone, so we focus on equitable redevelopment of commercial and residential properties in Hamilton County - from shuttered manufacturing plants to abandoned homes to vacant business districts. Through inclusive practices, we ensure development aligns with community goals. We can work together to solve our region's complex real estate challenges to create long-term prosperity for all.