Building a prosperous future in
Hamilton County through smart land
development and reuse

As a bridge between public, private, and philanthropic communities, we redevelop sites and finance projects.

Our diverse suite of programs and initiatives are structured to make significant impact to improve Hamilton County in ways that reduce poverty, improve land value and create well-paying jobs. Property ownership and improvement forms the foundation of our work, creating value from land assets in a way that benefits all.


Our focus in Neighborhood Revitalization, Industrial Revitalization, and Public Finance throughout Hamilton County has created catalytic change.

Sharing Our Knowledge

Impact Investing

for Social Benefit

Laura N. Brunner

President & CEO

Impact investing brings private capital to the table to help solve our community’s greatest problems. Impact investing links the social consciousness of philanthropy with the market principles of business - it generates measurable and beneficial social impacts alongside financial returns.

Battling Blight

with Big Data

Darin C. Hall

Executive Vice President

We want to share this with everyone – we want to share the platform and the data, because what you see in communities is that people know what the issues are, the challenge is how do you solve them? This technology platform provides a beginning to do that. Ultimately, data will allow you to track impact over time.

Manufacturing Attractiveness

and Urban Sites

Darin Buelow

Principal, Deloitte

There is this thing that has been going on in manufacturing announcements and we think it’s a new trend, urban manufacturing. Companies that are looking at infill and brownfield sites. Companies that aren’t just going to the outskirts of town and going into a greenfield, former farmland property that is now an industrial park. This has a lot of relevance for Metro Cincinnati.

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Platform to greater economic mobility

"We believe the Port’s initiative to attract good-paying advanced manufacturing jobs is a platform to greater economic mobility and will lift vulnerable residents out of poverty. I speak often of the Port’s strategy as one of the most bold our region has seen in a while. "

Ellen M. Katz
President and CEO of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation