CARE Homes Initiative

Creating Affordable Real Estate to build generational wealth through home equity.

About the CARE Homes Initiative

Launched in January 2022 when The Port acquired 194 single-family homes from an out-of-town investor, the CARE Homes initiative protects local renters from rising costs of rent, unwarranted threats of eviction, and ignored maintenance requests while offering a pathway to homeownership.


Our CARE Homes program is part of The Port’s overall strategy to provide homeownership opportunities in underserved and disadvantaged communities to advance economic equity. We can create generational wealth through homeownership for many families who never thought that was possible. In the end, it’s about narrowing the racial wealth gap, and homeownership is the most effective way to do that.

Current Status

We are focused on stabilizing homes that are dilapidated and in disrepair due to decades of neglect and poor property management. While we have already sold our first two CARE Homes, we’re working hard to finish our rehab and listing these properties for sale.


Take a look at some dramatic before and after photos showing our progress.

3107 West Eighth

Images of CARE Home - 3107 W. Eighth prior to renovation.

3107 West Eighth After

Images of CARE Home - 3107 W. Eighth after renovation by The Port and contractor Eduoard Tende, Zoe Consulting.

3444 Fernside Before

Images of CARE Home - 3444 Fernside prior to renovation.

Before and After Board Fernside-web

Images of CARE Home - 3444 Fernside after renovation by The Port and contractor Eric Hunn, Hunn's Construction.

Glenway Homes - Before and After

Images of 3525 and 3527 Glenway before and after renovation by The Port. 

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