Program Highlight: Lot-to-Yard

While saving homes is always the preferred option, far too often by the time a home makes it to the Hamilton County Landbank it is beyond repair. These homes have typically stood vacant for years and may have been in significant disrepair even prior to vacancy. In these cases the Landbank utilizes a program called NIP (Neighborhood Initiative Program) to demolish the structure and then makes the land available. Many adjacent homeowners have elected to purchase this newly cleared land and incorporate it into their yard through the Landbank’s Lot-to-Yard program.

The Lot to Yard program gives people a chance to reinvest in their neighborhood and take pride in their home ownership, and it returns a property that was blighted and tax delinquent to the county tax rolls.

The lot-to-yard program is open to adjacent owner-occupants, and we find that in many cases, the party purchasing the property has been maintaining it for years prior to the property’s acquisition by the Landbank.

Lot-to-Yard to Date

From 2014 through June 2017, the Hamilton County Landbank sold 50 properties through the lot-to-yard program. Properties in 16 different neighborhoods including East and West Price Hill, Avondale, Elmwood Place, Linwood, and Riverside are now part of resident’s yards.


The program reduces the number of blighted, vacant lots in neighborhoods.


Elmwood Place: Replacing Blight with Pride

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