Avondale Update: Bogart Homes Selling Well

The Avondale neighborhood’s focus on revitalizing historic Bogart Avenue continues to gain ground, as another stately home renovated by the neighborhood’s redevelopment corporation has sold.  The project represents an ongoing partnership of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corp (Landbank) and Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation (ACDC). The Landbank continues  to acquire vacant properties and lots that support the neighborhood’s “urban renaissance” of its Town Center District.

Recently, a formerly vacant & blighted property at 3573 Bogart sold for $115,000. Outfitted with new mechanicals, flooring, bathrooms, and kitchen, the single-family home sits within the three-block area bordered by Reading Road, Forest Avenue, Washington Avenue, and Glenwood Avenue — a target development area for ACDC. Avondale is working to redevelop its Town Center district to promote economic development within the community, and by focusing on this smaller area, ACDC can accelerate impactful change,  community leaders say.

Prior to renovation, 3573 Bogart Ave was vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent. ACDC approached the Port Authority to use Landbank tools to obtain the blighted property for revitalization. The Landbank acquired the property and transferred ownership to ACDC. The Landbank is a vital component of the Avondale revitalization efforts — an “invaluable” partnership, according to Ken Moore, ACDC Director of Real Estate and Community Development. The neighborhood’s first home remodeled as part of this effort was 3561 Bogart Avenue, completed in 2014. That property was donated to ACDC through the National Community Stabilization Trust and Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation (HURC).