Mending broken real estate to promote job creation, homeownership, and equitable development throughout Hamilton County

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How We Make Real Estate Work

Shuttered manufacturing plants. Vacant business districts. Abandoned homes. The result? Communities struggle with broken real estate. But not for long. With tools, resources, and experience, The Port is pioneering new models of real estate equity, developing new solutions - and contributing to the story of our region's renaissance. For new, job-creating advanced manufacturing. For neighborhood-serving business districts. For a range of affordable housing options.

For everyone in our region.

Industrial Revitalization

Bringing underutilized industrial properties back to their highest and best use, and creating development-ready sites for job creation

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Investing in neighborhoods to provide housing, thriving business districts and renewed commercial corridors

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Public Finance

Offering unique development finance tools, loans for entrepreneurs, and down-payment assistance

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A Brighter Future for Our Region

We believe that real estate should work for everyone, which is why we focus on equitable redevelopment of commercial and residential properties in Hamilton County - from industrial brownfield sites to abandoned housing. Through inclusive practices, we ensure development aligns with community goals. Whether you are a neighborhood advocate, looking for your first storefront, building a transformative development, or seeking a site for a new manufacturing facility, we can work together to solve our region's complex challenges and create long-term prosperity for all.


Cover - IR 2020

Impact 2020

Equitable Renewal | The Port's 2020 Impact Report

2020 marked The Port’s 20th consecutive year of making real estate work by improving property values, creating jobs and narrowing the wealth gap in the City and Hamilton County. Of course, 2020 also marked a year no one will ever forget. We have all of you to thank for your support, help and partnership as we navigated through this once-in-a-lifetime crisis. Thank you.

Here's a quick look back at highlights from our work in 2020.

Neighborhood revitalization

Port Shorts: TriVersity Construction Headquarters in Walnut Hills

When The Port says it’s focused on economic equity in our region, those aren’t just hollow words in a mission statement hanging on some wall. In this Port Short we look at how The Port is working to create more equitable job and growth opportunities for minority-owned businesses. In the thriving Walnut Hills Business District, The Port has been a key cog in supporting multiple minority-owned businesses since 2017.

Headline: Cincinnati Agency Buys Nearly 200 Rental Homes Thwarting Private Investors - Wall Street Journal


In the News - Wall Street Journal: Cincinnati Agency Buys Nearly 200 Rental Homes, Thwarting Private Investors

"A Cincinnati government entity outbid more than a dozen investment firms to buy 194 homes in and around the city, a move meant to keep tenants in their homes and private investors out of their neighborhoods."