Neighborhood Advocate

As a champion for your community, we know you are fiercely passionate about making a difference.  We also know there are challenges that can sometimes feel insurmountable without adequate resources.  That’s where we can help.  We want to be a part of the positive change you are already making.




REACH stands for Rehab Across Cincinnati and Hamilton County – and since 2014, the Redevelopment Authority has managed the complete transformation of over 20 vacant historic homes and sold them.  REACH has made such an amazing impact in Evanston that we have expanded the program to Walnut Hills – with plans to expand to new Cincinnati neighborhoods in 2017 and beyond.  For more information, please contact


Help Contribute – Donate a Property

Do something good for yourself and for your neighborhood.  Get a tax deduction for donating a property.  The Hamilton County Landbank routinely acquires property through donations.  We cannot accept all donation offers we receive – we need to acquire clear title and we generally need to know there is an end use for the property – either redevelopment or demolition.

Your property donation to the Landbank is likely tax deductible – the IRS recently confirmed that Landbanks are tax-exempt entities and clarified the conditions under which donations of real property to the Landbank are charitable contributions and can be tax deductible.  For more information, please contact


Become a Homeowner – Apply for a Property

Do something good for yourself and for your neighborhood.  Be a Landbank property purchaser.  Qualifying to purchase a Hamilton County Landbank-owned property is not difficult, but there are a few things you need to know.  As a public agency committed to returning problem properties to productive use for the public good, we have established some guidelines for acquisitions of our properties which we are happy to share with residents, for-profit and non-profit developers looking to improve or redevelop our vacant lots and structures.  To learn more or view available properties, please go to


Need help with a Down Payment to Buy a Home?

Do something good for yourself and your neighborhood.  Check out Communities First – Ohio Down Payment Assistance Program.  The Redevelopment Authority is proud to offer the Communities First – Ohio Down Payment Assistance program, providing first mortgage financing and down payment/closing cost assistance to eligible homebuyers.  This is a unique program that is very user-friendly, offering assistance amounts of up to 5.0% of the total first mortgage loan amount.  There is no first-time homebuyer requirement, so call us today if you plan on buying or refinancing soon.  Find eligibility information and a list of participating lenders:


Problem Properties in your neighborhood?

The Hamilton County Landbank manages the Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) – designed to help prevent foreclosures and stabilize local property values through the demolition and greening of vacant and blighted homes across the state.  Under NIP funding, the Landbank has acquired and demolished hundreds of dangerous properties.

NIP funding is a powerful tool to accelerate neighborhood revitalization.  The Landbank encourages residents and community leaders to help us identify properties that are good candidates for this demolition program, especially single-family and four family residential properties that are vacant and blighted.  Send ideas here:


Property data

We have a host of tools and calculators that can help analyze a parcel level snapshot of properties in a neighborhood and create projected long term vision planning based upon key data.  For more information, please contact




We launched REACH as a targeted effort to spur redevelopment in targeted neighborhoods by rehabbing homes to stabilize the housing market. Nearly two dozen individuals and families have moved into REACH homes, and new REACH homes go on the market regularly.


Through the Hamilton County Landbank, we accept donations of property. Often Owners donate vacant property to us when they are either no longer able or no longer willing to maintain or pay for it.


Through the Hamilton County Landbank, we have hundreds of properties across Hamilton County. With a mission to bring properties back to productive use, we welcome proposals from rehabbers, community advocates, communities groups, and others.


Communities First provides homebuyers with down payment / closing cost assistance throughout the State of Ohio. Over 2,000 homebuyers have utilized Communities First to help them move into a new home.