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The Port serves the Cincinnati business community through growth-focused programs that facilitate expansion by unlocking access to capital and delivering development-ready sites. Furthermore, our agency strives to act as key resource in promoting the shared community values of our region, combating the conditions that have led to racial inequity, neighborhood disinvestment, and poverty.

The Port acquires, assembles, remediates and readies business sites in key locations to facilitate business retention and expansion, and has a number of sites ready for investment.   Complementing its real estate programs, the Port’s award-winning public finance practice is proven. The Port can help fund energy efficiency improvements through PACE and access to capital for buildings, machinery and equipment through the Southwest Ohio Regional Bond Fund – it pays to call us as a resource early in the project planning stages.



Healthy, thriving small businesses are a crucial component of building neighborhoods of opportunity. Cincinnati entrepreneurs not only provide jobs, they provide vitality and needed services to our neighborhoods. As the Port works to revive neighborhood business districts, we are looking for microenterprise as tenants, especially women and minority-owned small businesses. In Cincinnati, Kresge Foundation has helped the Port establish a program that is the first of its kind in the US to lower the barriers to local business formation, stabilizing neighborhoods through entrepreneurship.

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We offer unique tools such as the ability to issue tax-exempt debt, EB-5 financing, tax increment financing among others, and marshal additional state and local resources, including grants.

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The DREAM Loan Fund (Driving Real Estate to Accelerate Microenterprise) focuses on revitalizing neighborhood business districts and minimizing barriers for neighborhood entrepreneurs