Flexibility and success best define the Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority contributions to local real estate. The Redevelopment Authority is both a real estate developer and a sought-after partner with both public and private-sector developers, responsible for some of the most significant and successful projects in Cincinnati.

As a real estate developer, the Redevelopment Authority focuses on properties that have significant obstacles to redevelopment, such as obsolete structures or environmental issues. On these sites, the Redevelopment Authority makes investment to complete successful site revitalization that ultimately attracts a new company expansion or developer interest. The Redevelopment Authority is the first in the US to attract Impact Investment in the acquisition and redevelopment of underutilized industrial development sites.

As a development partner, the Redevelopment Authority can serve as the central point of contact, investigating and procuring local, state and federal business-retention and expansion incentives, and has access to local, state and federal grant funds.  The Redevelopment Authority public finance practice affords distinctive benefits including: flexibility, market knowledge, program pairings, economic inclusion, and leveraged resources. As a quasi-public entity, we fill a needed role in funding transformative projects, and, at the same time, addressing all fiscal and public policy considerations.

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We offer unique tools such as the ability to issue tax-exempt debt, EB-5 financing, tax increment financing among others, and marshal additional state and local resources, including grants.

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The DREAM Loan Fund (Driving Real Estate to Accelerate Microenterprise) focuses on revitalizing neighborhood business districts and minimizing barriers for neighborhood entrepreneurs