Request for Qualifications: The Port / Landbank Lawn Maintenance



DUE: March 25, 2021 by 5:00 p.m.

Drop Off or Mail: The Port/Landbank’s Main Office

3 East Fourth Street, Suite 300
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Electronic Mail:


March 10, 2021 10:00am
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Meeting ID: 915 7778 5203 Passcode: 933651 Dial-in Option: (646) 876-9923


The mission of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (aka “Landbank) is to return vacant properties to productive use through the tools statutorily provided to the Landbank by leveraging the resources of the Landbank’s executive arm, the Port. In cooperation with our governmental and non-governmental partners and as a result of our relationships with private developers, the Landbank focuses on providing diverse commercial and residential opportunities through catalytic investment in neighborhoods. These investments lead to improved community quality of life, blight and nuisance abatement, stabilization, revitalization, increased property values and return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status.


The Landbank seeks qualified contractors to complete lawn maintenance on Landbank owned properties (those with and without a structure). The Landbank will award annual contracts to multiple contractors and will distribute the work based on geographic area, contractor capacity, or in any manner that best accomplishes the work. Contracts are for one year, with the option to extend for additional one-year periods, if so desired by both parties. A contract for services does not guarantee that the contractor will receive a specific amount of work.

The Landbank expects each contractor to understand its mission, its Policies and Procedures, including its Purchasing Policy, and its likely inventory. The Landbank owns property in order to help facilitate nuisance abatement needs and to ultimately return the formerly abandoned, blighted property to productive use through the disposition to a responsible end user.

Cincinnati regional companies with demonstrated experience and capacity in lawn maintenance are invited to respond to this request. The Landbank encourages participation from MBE/WBE/ EDGE contractors. After the deadline, the Landbank will review and evaluate all submissions and select a core group of qualified lawn maintenance contractors. The Landbank reserves the right to rescind and republish this request without award if no companies are deemed responsive.