Request for Proposals: 1314 Manss Avenue

We would like to invite you to bid on REACH Price Hill: 1314 Manss Avenue.

Hamilton County Auditor Property Page

In an attempt to streamline this process, please see the below link to The Port Dropbox account. This will contain all relevant documents pertaining to the bid process. Contained in the Dropbox link below is The Port’s Inclusion Policy, Waiver (that must be signed and submitted), Spec Sheet, a copy of the RFP, Bid Permit set, and a copy of necessary site permits.

Please return your bid by October 6th by 5:00 PM

Due to Coronavirus: please plan on visiting home prior to September 30th and submitting any questions by September 25th. The Port will add an amendment to the dropbox as well as send out the amendment to RFP based on questions received. The answers to those questions can be reflected in your proposal. Please reach out to Matt Johnson to gain access to the home.