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Project Forge

Previously inaccessible property in a prime location being unlocked for jobs and investment

In-Process Project – This project is in process, and information may change. This page will be updated as it progresses.

Project Overview:

As part of its broader industrial strategy to unlock underperforming real estate, The Port acquired these properties to continue growing Hamilton County’s site inventory for manufacturing job creation. When acquired, the largest northwest parcel of the assemblage was inaccessible, bounded by the Mill Creek to the east and south, Formica operations to the north, and rail infrastructure to the west. This necessitated The Port acquiring additional land and evaluating access options, resulting in the need to construct a new bridge from an improved intersection at the Cooper and Reading Roads intersection.


Site Contact:

Zach Imbus, Industrial Development Associate

Site Location:

Northwest corner of Reading Road and Cooper Road

Village of Evendale and City of Reading


Development Status:

To date, The Port has conducted surveying, environmental site assessments, wetland and waterbody delineation, geotechnical evaluation, and preliminary civil/site planning.

The project will require construction of a modified intersection at Cooper and Reading Roads and a new bridge spanning the Mill Creek for site access. The preferred alignment for the access road and bridge is currently being evaluated and will require input and approvals from the Village of Evendale and the City of Reading, among others.

In November 2023, the Hamilton County Commissioners awarded $750,000 to The Port for engineering concept and design development for the improved intersection, site access, and bridge, as well as mitigate regulatory compliance for the wetland, floodplain, and water impacts of the project.


  • Total Job Potential: 350 jobs approx. (16 jobs per acre of development)
  • Total Annual Payroll: $22.75 million ($65,000 annual payroll per employee)
  • Total Potential Private Investment: $25 million
  • Possible End User: Advanced Manufacturing

Project Specs:

  • Assemblage of approximately 50 acres; 30 developable