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Crosley Building

Vacant Camp Washington building and piece of Cincinnati history poised for a brighter future

In-Process Project – This project is in process, and information may change. This page will be updated as it progresses.

Building History:

Built in 1929 by Samuel Hannaford & Sons, the approximately 330,000 square-foot, nine-story building is an iconic local structure and part of the National Register of Historic Places. Originally home to the manufacturing operations of Powell Crosley radios, the building evolved over the years to be used for the creation of refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves. The Crosley facility closed in 1960 and subsequently became a warehouse for storage, office space, light manufacturing, and printing. In 2009, the building was abandoned entirely, and in 2012, was condemned by the City of Cincinnati, having fallen into significant disrepair.

Project Overview:

The nearly 2-acre brownfield site is a staple in the community and symbolizes the long history of manufacturing and industrial activity in Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood. The property is currently surrounded by various defunct parcels/structures that could be reinvigorated through strategic use of public and private investments guided by The Port’s broader industrial strategy to repurpose dysfunctional real estate to its highest and best use. The redevelopment of Crosley would be a major step in bringing this high-potential corridor back into efficient use, directly and indirectly contributing to the region’s economic growth.  

Funding (to date):

Site Contact:

Melissa Johnson, Senior Vice President, Industrial Development

Site Location:

1333 Arlington Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45225

Camp Washington, City of Cincinnati


Development Status:

To date, the Crosley building has been the beneficiary of a $2.4 million grant from the State of Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program. Work is ongoing under the current ownership to abate asbestos, remove lead paint, and pursue a Covenant Not to Sue with the Ohio EPA. 

In December 2023, the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County awarded The Port $2.6 million to be used toward acquisition and due diligence of the Crosley building. The Port has executed a Purchase & Sale Agreement with the Seller and expects to close on the property in early 2024.  

Reuse of the Crosley building is to be determined. Due to the iconic nature and history of the building, The Port will be engaging in a structural analysis and architectural review to ensure the building can support uses to be further determined by potential investment partnerships and community input.  


  • Total Job Potential: 350 jobs approx. (900 jobs per SF) 
  • Total Annual Payroll: $22 million ($65,000 annual payroll) 
  • Total Potential Private Investment: $90-$100 million 
  • Possible End User: TBD; manufacturing and business supporting uses 

Project Specs:

330,000 square foot, 9-story building