Port Bi-Monthly News: June 2023

News from The Port - June 2023 Edition



Edition No. 13 | June 2023

The Port Hosts National Thought Leaders On Urban Development and Job Creation

In mid-June, in partnership with the Milken Institute, an independent economic think tank based in California, The Port hosted national thought leaders on urban development to generate investment for job creation to drive the growth of our region.

During the two-day event, staff from the Biden administration and local leaders provided insights on how Hamilton County can recapture its manufacturing prominence to enable our efforts to make industrial sites ready to attract advanced manufacturing jobs. Stay tuned for outcomes from this event for the continued advancement of our region.

Port & AACC Host Real Estate Forum

Image of Laura Brunner being interviewed overlaid with Port Shorts - 2022 Year in Review

Port Shorts: Madisonville

The Cincinnati neighborhood of Madisonville has been a beloved home to its 10,000 residents for generations. Now, with intentional growth and redevelopment, the community is building a new foundation for its future. Hear from Madisonville residents Shawn Vaught, Sara Sheets, and Naima Clarke as they share what makes their community special. Thanks to partnerships with developers and contractors, we are all shaping the community’s ecosystem of business growth and creating housing stability... for everyone.


Employee Spotlight - Brian Ogawa - Commercial Real Estate Manager

Before joining The Port, Brian served as a development analyst and senior development officer within the City of Cincinnati’s Department of Community and Economic Development.In this role, he managed the underwriting and approval processes to obtain incentive packages for large-scale real estate development projects, including tax increment financing, loans, grants, and tax abatements. He also worked closely with neighborhood stakeholders and managed multiple grant programs to revitalize community business districts.

Brian received a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in economic and international studies as well as a master’s degree in private industry and public policy, both from Xavier University.

“I joined The Port because I see the value a vibrant business district brings to a neighborhood and understand the need for the public sector to help catalyze these areas.  I am honored to do my part in harnessing the ideas of our region’s entrepreneurs, elected officials, and residents to build a Greater Cincinnati for everyone.” -Brian Ogawa

Jobs families can live on. Homes they can afford. Cleaner, greener, safer neighborhoods and business districts.

We strengthen Greater Cincinnati communities home by home and block by block to increase access to homeownership. We surround neighborhoods and homeowners with revitalized business districts. We make forgotten industrial sites attractive again for advanced manufacturers with high-paying jobs.

We make real estate work... for everyone.