Whether you are looking to expand or modernize existing operations, open your doors for the first time, or looking to explore your options for cost savings through the Foreign Trade Zone, we can help.

Our expertise and funding options can offer your business a competitive advantage, with numerous opportunities for cost savings.  Here’s how we can help and why the Redevelopment Authority is a critical part of the tri-state’s manufacturing ecosystem:

Site Development

The Redevelopment Authority prepares competitive and relevant job ready urban industrial sites to attract new industrial development.


Access to Funding for Manufacturing Modernization

If you are looking to modernize your existing manufacturing operations, we can help provide an assessment for improvement needs, giving you access to PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), a bond issuance that provides long-term, low cost, fixed-rate financing to fund expansion and create jobs.  Another low cost option is facilitated through the Southwest Ohio Regional Bond Fund, a pooled set of bond funds with all Ports in the state.  Both are excellent opportunities to grow your business.


Thinking about opening operations here? Federal Grant Programs may be available to you!

We helped establish the area as a federally designated manufacturing region as an aerospace sector.  Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky Aerospace Region (SOAR) is one of 24 federally designated manufacturing communities by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This designation gives preferential status on a number of federal grants and a point of contact within the federal government to help navigate grant opportunities (Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership – IMCP).

SOAR's goal is to be the place to manufacture parts and engines globally and attract new investments by aircraft manufacturers and their supply chain.  For more information, please visit REDI Cincinnati's site.


Foreign Trade Zone

Greater Cincinnati’s foreign trade zone program began in 1979 to encourage growth and economic development by providing savings opportunities to businesses with international operations, which can result in the retention, expansion, and attraction of both jobs and investment in our region.Two Foreign Trade Zones are located in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region. Companies operating within the geographic areas of either zone are potential candidates for FTZ benefits.

These foreign trade zones complement a valuable network of transportation and logistic assets in our region that contribute to our recognition as among the best regional international business locations in the United States.  To learn more or find out if the FTZ can help your business, visit


We work with developers and companies to provide financing options for new development or expansion. Our Public Finance practice offers a number of unique tools and thrives on leveraging them in the right combination to set projects up for success.


The Greater Cincinnati Foreign Trade Zone can provide major cost savings for companies that are heavily involved in imports and exports. Companies throughout the Southeast Ohio and Northern Kentucky region benefit from this federal program.