Public Finance Practice

Our Public Finance practice offers a number of unique tools and thrives on leveraging them in the right combination to set projects up for success.

Development Finance for Economic Development and Job Creation

Our Public Finance Practice is rooted in commercial real estate and redevelopment of complex sites to stimulate private investment and job retention and creation. We offer unique tools such as the ability to issue tax-exempt debt, EB-5 financing, tax increment financing among others, and marshal additional state and local resources, including grants.

Bringing our Public Finance tools to a private sector investment can create a winning combination of lower interest rates, sales tax exemption savings, longer-term/fixed-rate options, and potential reinvestment of capital dollars back into the project and community.

Our approach to each project is tailored to meet the unique needs of each development opportunity.

Benefits of our Public Finance Practice:

Unique Toolset

Flexibility & Market Knowledge

Economic Inclusion

Program Pairings

Leveraged Resources

Customized Approach

Public Finance Practice Programs