The Port is Hiring: Construction Associate

Position Description:

POSITION TITLE: Construction Associate


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Residential Development


  1. Ensure legal compliance and adherence to HCLRC and The Port policies.
  2. Communicate, build, and maintain strategic relationships with community and business partners.
  3. Work hand-in-hand with project team including Facilities Manager, Director of HURC, HCLRC Associates, etc.
  4. Review all submitted reports by third parties and direct reports to prevent problems and resolve complications including construction drawings, documents and request for proposals.
  5. Track economic inclusion participation in all construction projects to ensure annual economic inclusion goals are achieved.
  6. Create project timelines and work collaboratively with internal and external resources to drive schedules from inception through delivery and close-out.
  7. Communicate and coordinate drawings and schedule expectations directly with subcontracts.
  8. Create Scopes of Work and bid packages for projects to facilitate buy-out of required subcontracts.
  9. Conduct and document quality assurance and safety inspections throughout the construction process, assuring working environment is maintained at acceptable levels, and tools and equipment are in good working condition.
  10. Maintain and update construction documents, and monitor contract obligations with a goal of building relationships with reliable contractors and vendors.
  11. Attend and participate in meetings with the Director of Residential Development, Project Managers and Contractors.
  12. Respond to work delays, emergencies, and other project disruptions.
  13. Formulate weekly progress reports on projects for Leadership review.


  1. Bachelor's degree is preferred with concentration in environmental remediation, construction management, project management or related field.
  2. Experience in a similar position for 3+ years, with a broad scope of knowledge in the appropriate fields.
  3. Demonstrated experience in negotiating and reviewing complex construction documents and monitoring contracts.
  4. Knowledge of environmental remediation, site preparation, building code requirements and scheduling methods
  5. Ability to think creatively about development and craft unique solutions to complex situations.
  6. Strong project management skills with a demonstrated ability to coordinate the work of multiple parties to maintain an overall timetable.
  7. Ability to function at both a management and functional level.
  8. A team player with strong ability to work well with others – both internally and externally.
  9. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as listening skills.
  10. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  11. Self-motivated and energetic with a strong work ethic and the ability to think creatively.
  12. Highly organized and detail oriented.


  1. Ability to operate all applicable office equipment.
  2. Ability to tour The Port project construction sites and attend out-of-office meetings.
  3. Satisfactory results on pre-employment written and oral testing, as administered by appropriate practitioners at The Port’s direction.
  4. Satisfactory results of background investigations.
  5. Maintain insurability for the operation of motor vehicles if driving to attend out-of-office meetings or otherwise perform job functions.
  6. Ability to perform all the essential functions of the position outlined herein without creating a direct or indirect threat to the safety of oneself or others.


Please send resumes and cover letters to Liz Eddy, Director of Residential Development