Video: Rebuilding Evanston

Video debuts at GOPC Summit
Several months ago, when we began to acquire homes in Evanston and refine our renovation plans, we wanted to be able to visually capture the start-to-finish of this process in our first REACH neighborhood. On June 9, we debuted this video to the Greater Ohio Policy Summit and are now pleased to share it with you:

At the Greater Ohio Policy Summit in Columbus, Laura Brunner and Darin Hall each participated in panels focused on aspects of community revitalization and discussed work we are doing in Cincinnati neighborhoods like Evanston and Bond Hill. It was a great opportunity to share our progress, practices, and pitfalls – and hear what other cities and communities across Ohio are doing to face similar challenges.

Now, eight months later, we have 11 REACH Evanston homes: four sold, two more under contract, closing this summer, and others in various stages of renovation. Thanks to US Digital Partners for helping us share the visual transformation of these homes to date. To learn more about homes for sale, visit