Building Value teams up with Port Authority to salvage homes and create jobs

Building Value, a nonprofit social enterprise in Cincinnati, has partnered with the Port Authority on the deconstruction and stabilization of several vacant and abandoned homes acquired by the Hamilton County Landbank. The nonprofit organization salvages reusable materials for sale to the public, with goals to help the environment, reduce disposal costs, and save architectural gems for a second life.

Director David Rich said Building Value had their biggest year ever in 2013, due in part to the Port Authority and Hamilton County Landbank projects. Just as important as its environmental goals, the program also provides job training in construction and retail to people with workforce disadvantages. Trainees in the program typically have educational, economic, and experiential challenges that create obstacles to steady employment. Building Value’s success has allowed them to add another crew to their project team.

“Building Value provided paid skills training to over 25 individuals throughout 2013 due in large part to the opportunities afforded by programs administered by the Port,” noted Rich.  Ten of these individuals found full time employment as a result of their participation.

Deborah Robb, director of community revitalization and inclusion for the Port Authority (and the Hamilton County Landbank) said, “We were able to use Building Value to deconstruct multiple properties, which gave their construction crews a wealth of knowledge and experience. We anticipate 2014 will continue this successful partnership.”

Over the summer, Building Value also featured one of the deconstructed homes of the Landbank in their “Wow! What a Find! Video series:!_What_a_find!_-_Deconstructing_Evanston/

Celebrating their 10th year, Building Value was founded in 2004 by Easter Seals Tristate.