The Port / Landbank Lawn Maintenance Request for Qualifications – 2020

The Port / Landbank Lawn Maintenance Request for Qualifications

DUE: February 12, 2020 by 12:00 p.m.


Drop Off: The Port/Landbank’s Main Office 3 East Fourth Street, Suite 300, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Mandatory Informational Meeting

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 9:30 a.m.

3 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 – First Floor Learning Center


Downloadable Documents

2020 Lawn Maintenance Invitation Letter

Lawn Maintenance RFP 2020

  • Includes RFP and Contractor Pre-Qualification Form

2020 RFP-Zip Code_Properties


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (aka “Landbank) is to return vacant properties to productive use through the tools statutorily provided to the Landbank by leveraging the resources of the Landbank’s executive arm, the Port. In cooperation with our governmental and non-governmental partners and as a result of our relationships with private developers, the Landbank focuses on providing diverse commercial and residential opportunities through catalytic investment in neighborhoods. These investments lead to improved community quality of life, blight and nuisance abatement, stabilization, revitalization, increased property values and return unproductive properties to contributing, tax-paying status.



The Landbank seeks qualified contractors to complete lawn maintenance on Landbank owned properties (those with and without a structure). The Landbank will award annual contracts to multiple contractors and will distribute the work based on geographic area, contractor capacity, or in any manner that best accomplishes the work. Contracts are for one year, with the option to extend for additional one-year periods, if so desired by both parties. A contract for services does not guarantee that the contractor will receive a specific amount of work.

The Landbank expects each contractor to understand its mission, its Policies and Procedures, including its Purchasing Policy, and its likely inventory. The Landbank owns property in order to help facilitate nuisance abatement needs and to ultimately return the formerly abandoned, blighted property to productive use through the disposition to a responsible end user.

Cincinnati regional companies with demonstrated experience and capacity in lawn maintenance are invited to respond to this request. The Landbank encourages participation from MBE/WBE/ EDGE contractors. After the deadline, the Landbank will review and evaluate all submissions and select a core group of qualified lawn maintenance contractors. The Landbank reserves the right to rescind and republish this request without award if no companies are deemed responsive.


Scope of Work

The sites are broken up into zip code and neighborhood areas for the ease of bidding. Please take note that some areas have many sites while some may be as small as one site. Each site and zip code, as a whole, should be quoted with your best price as each zip code will be awarded by the lowest and best price. There is no obligation to bid on every zip code.

The following requirements shall be adhered to for all sites:

  1. Mowing each site in its entirety, front, sides and backs. (Heights 2-2.5 inches).
  2. Trimming of entire site including fences and other objects within the property lines.
  3. Spraying and removal of weeds in cracks of concrete sidewalks and building lines.
  4. Blowing all hard surfaces, including street-side sidewalks.
  5. Picking up and disposing of litter prior to mowing. (No mowing over trash at any time).
  6. Before and after pictures must be taken with a date generated camera and put in the work order/email program we maintain (PPS) within 24 hours of completion of mowing. (Training will be provided).
  7. Mowing will commence if warranted mid-April and no later than May 14th. The Landbank determines and notifies contractors when mowing shall commence.
  8. Mowing will take place every 10 days but may be regulated to longer period with the issues such as lack of rain fall, and or other issues into the year. This will be determined by the Landbank on a case-by-case situation.
  9. Make contact immediately with the designated Manager of the Landbank when a site has been dumped on, if the building is not secured, and/or when any other abnormalities are found.
  10. Signing of Master Service Agreement.
  11. Sites can be removed due to sale at any time throughout the contract, as well sites will be added to your contract through our purchase of property. When adding sites the contracted costs will be priced as close to an already contracted site of similar size.
  12. When receiving new site(s) it must be surveyed within 48 hours of assignment and mowed/trimmed as needed.
  13. If a site has a structure on it, the contractor shall inspect the exterior perimeter for any openings and shall report them immediately to Landbank staff.

Monthly Audits

Landbank staff will visit properties and audit the contractor’s work to ensure that it meets all contract requirements. A significant number of properties will be chosen each month, including properties where complaints have been made or prior problems occurred. If problems are found following this audit, the Landbank will notify the contractor and seek improvements. No invoice will be paid until a satisfactory audit has been completed. Contractor will supply a weekly schedule to the Landbank no later than the prior week Friday by 12:00pm.



Qualified contractors are prohibited from subcontracting any of the work without the written permission of Landbank staff, which must be granted before any work begins. If a contractor is unable to complete between 100 – 200 mows each month without subcontractors, the contractor should consider that carefully before submitting a proposal under this request.


Disqualification for Performance

Contractors may be excluded from future work and may be liable for costs associated with current work if any of the following conditions occur:

  • Failure to timely complete the assigned work order
  • Failure to mow all portions of the parcel of land, including the tree lawn and backyard
  • Failure to resolve issues discovered after a monthly audit
  • Failure to notify the Landbank when heavy debris prevents mowing
  • Failure to notify the Landbank when other circumstances prevent mowing
  • Blowing or leaving clippings on the sidewalk, the street, or adjacent properties
  • Failure to communicate regarding damage
  • Subcontracting work without the written permission of the Landbank
  • Allowing illegal activity on the site
  • Causing injury to workers, bystanders, or property during the mowing work
  • Failure to abide by the Landbank’s contract
  • Failure to communicate about illegal dumping or the need for barricades at properties with structures


Prohibition / Exclusions from Work

The Landbank reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend, suspend, terminate, or reissue a contract at any time for non-performance or for any activity by the contractor which is inconsistent with the Landbank’s mission, goals, Policies & Procedures, or Purchasing Policy.

Proposal Requirements

Please provide the following in the proposal:

  1. An updated Contractor Pre-Qualification Form [attached to this Request], including documentation of required insurance and worker’s compensation coverage (if not already on file). A contractor may contact the Landbank prior to submitting a RFQ proposal for the sole purpose of determining if the current Contractor Pre-Qualification Form and other required documentation on file is sufficient.
  2. Experience
    1. An explanation of your company’s experience mowing between 100 – 200 properties per month.
    2. An explanation of any prior mowing work with the Landbank.
    3. An explanation of any prior lawn maintenance work with a public entity at a high volume of properties.
    4. A list of the primary zip codes in which residential mows have been completed by the company in the past two years.
    5. Contact information (address and phone or email) for at least three local references from companies that have hired you to perform mowing work.
  1. Capacity
    1. An explanation of the number of full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees your company will directly employ for this work.
    2. A list of the equipment you own or will lease (please identify which) and will have available to complete this work.
    3. An explanation/timeline of a typical day for your company as you perform this work (what time will you start; how many crews will you use; how many properties you will mow; how you will clean and finish each site before moving to the next; whether you have experience or capacity to communicate with citizens and neighbors about your work at the property and the Landbank’s ownership of it.)
    4. A list of other likely companies and property owners you will be working for in the coming season and the number of properties you will mow for each.


Contact Information

All inquiries about this RFP shall be directed to the Port’s Facilities Manager, Ron Shouse via email ( or phone (513-632-3761).