Landbank to develop property management software with Cuyahoga County

Through a license agreement with Cuyahoga County Land Bank, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority will implement a proprietary property management software for day-to-day Hamilton County land banking operations. Cuyahoga-landbank-PPS screenshot

Cuyahoga Land Bank’s Property Profile System (PPS) is a  web-based property management software system that performs a variety of functions for daily Land Bank operations, analysis, program development, and planning. The Cuyahoga Land Bank is currently in the process of developing a customized PPS 2.0 system for the Hamilton County Land Bank.

PPS is a single-source, cloud-based property management web software – it aids land bank operations by having a central location for all information related to properties that are either about to be acquired, currently in inventory, or disposed. All information is housed in a central location, so repetitive tasks are streamlined and duplication is eliminated. PPS also integrates administrative data from the county, including local geographic information and target areas.

“The product that [Cuyahoga IT developers] Anurag Saxena and Michael Schramm have developed is an incredible product and this is the first step in introducing it to the world,” said William Weber, community revitalization associate counsel for the Hamilton County Land Bank.

According to the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s 2014 annual review, “This project highlights the large capacity and success of the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s PPS system and its future potential to play a role in the leading the Land Bank industry. In 2014, the Cuyahoga Land Bank has expanded its GIS research and mapping capacity.”

The two land banks have been working together to adapt and customize the system to the unique needs of the Hamilton County Landbank. The software is anticipated to be developed in spring 2015.