October 27, 2015


Gail Paul, Director of Communication Strategy

Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority



Cincinnati, Ohio – October 27, 2015

A recent incident at the former Hudepohl Brewery property in Queensgate that resulted in injury to one person, who had illegally entered the vacant building, has renewed interest and questions about what will happen to the properties and xx-acre site.  The Port Authority, as owner of the property since 2014, has spent the past 1.5 years addressing safety and environmental issues presented by the abandoned and partially demolished historic property.  Our plans are to remove all remnants of the remaining structures and contaminants, making it conducive to redevelopment by a private entity. Despite our work to secure the property and post signs that clearly state it is illegal to enter it, it remains attractive to taggers and others interested in its past as a prominent Cincinnati manufacturer.  Illegal entry into the property further degrades its condition and presents the need for costly repair.

Last year, shortly after we acquired the property, we hired experts to examine its condition and present a scenario that would include restoring or moving the smokestack, which was likely constructed in the late 1940s. The cost to relocate a 70-foot section of the stack is prohibitive and there is no guarantee that the tower could withstand a move. The Port Authority is not considering this a viable option as we move ahead with plans for the site.


About the Port Authority:

The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority was formed in 2000 to stimulate growth of the regional economy. The Port Authority is an economic development force, partnering with the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, focusing on reutilization and redevelopment of property through catalytic investment. For additional information, please visit