Hamilton County LandBank assists Price Hill Will in homesteading program

Price Hill Will is launching a pilot homesteading program that has the dual focus of improving the housing stock in Price Hill and helping low-to-moderate income families become homeowners. Hamilton County Landbank is a program adviser, and recently was able to use its unique property acquisition tools to obtain and sell a property to the community development non-profit as part of this new program.

The availability of 841 Delehanty Court initially came to the attention of the Port Authority housing team through the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST), a non-profit organization. We worked with Wells Fargo to obtain the property. After a lengthy process to acquire clear title, the Port Authority coordinated the closing with Wells Fargo, which donated the property and also made a financial donation to Landbank programs. As an established neighborhood-based development partner, Price Hill Will was eligible to purchase the property for $1,000. Price Hill Will completed the rehabilitation of more than 60 homes between 2007 and 2014.