Bond Hill + Roselawn Timeline


February – Began conversations with Allen Temple

July – Engaged UC Economic Center for Market Study Report

December – Engaged MKSK to develop Midpointe Masterplans


January – MKSK facilitated Community / Stakeholder Conversations

February – Final MKSK masterplan presented

February – Acquisition of Jordan Crossing Site

March – Engaged Woodward High School students for job training / construction learning classes

April – Presentation of masterplan to the Strategic Growth Committee

April – Engaged Kolar Design to develop Midpointe brand

May – Presentation to Makatewah Business Association

View of Seymour Plaza prior to cleanup and demolition. Currently home to the TechSolve II business park.

July – Acquisition of Seymour Plaza site

August – Participation in Bond Hill Day

October – Community interviews and Profile Development

October – Demolition of Jordan Crossing

October – Allen Temple begins construction of annex

November – Begin to develop Quality of Life Plan Scope

December – Improvement work begins at 1682 Seymour at TechSolve II


January – Community Interviews

January – Demolition of Seymour Plaza

January – Received Duke Energy Grant

February – Presentation at Urban Awakenings

March – CBRE brought on as broker for TechSolve II

May – Cushman Wakefield brought on as broker for Midpointe Crossing

May – CBI engaged for community building strategy

August – Participation in Bond Hill Day

July – Improvements at 1682 Seymour completed

September – CBI Phase I Report completed

September – Initiated meetings with Mercy

September – Crayons to Computers meeting – Phase I Report

September – Event for Midpointe and TechSolve II brokers

October – Roselawn / Bond Hill leadership – NeighborWorks Community Leadership Institute

November – Allen Temple opens new Community Center

November – Groundbreaking for Mercy Development

December – Speculative office building announced on two-acre site at TechSolve II

December – Urban Awakenings took a look at reinvestment and revitalization in Bond Hill and Roselawn


January – Presentation to Mercy

February – Presentation to African American CEO Roundtable

February – Demolition of 1811 Losantiville

March – Presentation to BHCURC / Neighborhood Summit / Mercy Engagement Strategy Meeting

April – Engaged City departments for targeted code enforcement of crime hot spots

May – Place Matters Conversations (LISC and United Way) / Presentation to Makatewah Business Association

June – Community conversations hosted by residents

June / August – Community Wide Vision Sessions / Ohio Valley Development Council

Summer – Development of Swift Park plans for Midpointe

August – Participation in Bond Hill Day and Roselawn Day

Fall – Strategy teams work on further development of the seven themes and priorities

November – Second community-wide workshop with presentations from Strategy Teams


January – Final vision plan documents drafted and lead organization and leadership introduced

March – Bond Hill + Roselawn Plan released

May – City of Cincinnati announced allocation of $3 MM to be used for revitalization work in Bond Hill and Roselawn

June – Bond Hill + Roselawn Plan approved by City Council

July – Port acquires 2250 Seymour Avenue – Site of Cincinnati Gardens

September – Groundbreaking for Jet Machine industrial facility on 9-acre site at TechSolve II

December – Port holds sale of seats from Cincinnati Gardens; Building Value hired to manage removal and distribution

December – Completion of Swift Park and Midpointe Crossing signage



May – Sale of 1811 Losantiville, slated to become Roselawn Senior Apartments

July – Bond Hill named one of two neighborhoods awarded GROW Cincinnati Grant which brought a living wall garden to the Bond Hill Business District

August – Placemaker Pacer 5K brings 142 runners to Bond Hill

August – Demolition of 4913 Reading in the Bond Hill Business District

December – Bond Hill Business District focus of 2017 ULI Cincinnati Competition



March – Groundbreaking for Roselawn Senior Apartments

April – Demolition of 1674 Reading in the Bond Hill Business District

May – Groundbreaking to celebrate the new construction of two homes on Ryland Avenue in Bond Hill.  The unique opportunity is the result of a collaboration between Woodward Career Technical High School, Allied Construction Industries and the Redevelopment Authority and a key grant from Impact 100.

June – Based on feedback from the community, the Port completed the targeted acquisition of this long-standing vacant land parcel at the corner of Reading and Section in Roselawn in June 2018.  This corner site serves as a gateway to the Roselawn Business District, and required environmental remediation prior to redevelopment, which is ongoing.

July – Bond Hill Business District Construction Kickoff event