Bond Hill + Roselawn Plan – 2016

Plan outlines key assets, challenges, and calls to action for the Bond Hill and Roselawn communities.

Beginning in 2015, more than 1,500 hours were spent by dedicated neighborhood residents and stakeholders to create the Bond Hill + Roselawn Plan: the result of a community-wide dialogue to formulate goals and a shared vision for the future of these key Cincinnati neighborhoods. Their recommendations focus on 17 goals to address the community’s priorities, including Business District Revitalization, Community Networking, Blight Reduction, Health & Wellness, Safety, Employment, and Youth & Education.


Key Community Assets:

  • Organized Residents – There is a group of new and long-time community residents in Bond Hill and Roselawn who have stepped up to encourage needed changes.


  • Institutional Partners – There is a plethora of institutional partners have been part of this process and are ready to support the plan’s implementation.


  • Employers – There is a significant employment base in the community that provides the potential for jobs for residents and a new market for housing.

Key Calls to Action:

  • Community Development Capacity – The community will establish a new lead organization as the key implementation partner.


  • Communication – Creating a communication structure for the two communities that keeps everyone connected and engaged is critical.


  • Physical Improvements – Improvements that signal a community turnaround, such as the revitalization of Reading Road, elimination of blighted housing conditions, and highlighting of community spaces and places that make Bond Hill and Roselawn great are important.