Economic Inclusion

Economic inclusion is a core value at the Port Authority. We welcome all prospective vendors without regard to the business owners’ race, gender, or company size. This commitment is embedded in our Economic Inclusion Policy, which aims to empower Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs).

By empowering entrepreneurs, the Port Authority helps generate jobs, build our tax base and provide opportunities for wealth creation in every segment of our society. We regularly communicate this vision to all of our partners, including staff, project teams and stakeholders, real estate and development professionals, economic development professionals, and public officials.

The Port Authority’s Director of Economic Inclusion, Deborah Robb, implements the inclusion policy across our organization, monitoring our activities,  identifying opportunities for improvement, and incorporating best practices to meet our established goals.

Working Together to Win

The Port Authority has received several awards for its achievements in economic inclusion.

We begin early in the project planning phase of development; we identify the core competencies required of suppliers; and we identify MBE, WBE and SBE firms with these capabilities through extensive community outreach.

We benchmark our processes with regional and national best practices. We also network and collaborate with several local, like-minded organizations, such as South Central Ohio Minority Business Council, Commercial Real Estate Women, Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce, and Cincinnati USA Hispanic Chamber.